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with Bodie Shallenberger & Rob Dunn

Sleazy entertainment making its way through your auditory canals. Join two friends for a weekly humorous conversation about life, love, and everything in between, with the occasional third wheel. Explore yourself and each other as we open both physical and mental doors and breakdown the barriers that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. We strive, and encourage you, as always, to keep it sleazy.

Download 35 - Champagne Problems (ft. Parisa Ahmed) 02-10-2014 (119.23 MB)

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35 - Champagne Problems (ft. Parisa Ahmed)

  • 35 - Champagne Problems (ft. Parisa Ahmed)
  • Join Bodie, Rob, and Parisa for a delightful conversation with the only brown person in North Carolina. Good friend Parisa leaves the sandy beaches of the East Coast to spend a few hours talking with KIS. The gang talks about the American South, sandy beaches, and Bodie and Rob help Parisa decide on a tattoo. They discuss reaching manhood, belly dancing, eating porn for dinner, and KIS takes a moment of silence for the Mahoney Bay Beach Club. Follow us on Twitter at @sleazypodcast and email us any questions, concerns, favorite meal paired with favorite porn, best song to dance with fire to, and what's in your VCR right now at We are now available on iTunes, so please rate, review, and subscribe to our show! We appreciate your support. Thanks for listening! And as always, keep it sleazy.


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