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with Bodie Shallenberger & Rob Dunn

Sleazy entertainment making its way through your auditory canals. Join two friends for a weekly humorous conversation about life, love, and everything in between, with the occasional third wheel. Explore yourself and each other as we open both physical and mental doors and breakdown the barriers that are holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. We strive, and encourage you, as always, to keep it sleazy.

Download 47 - Marrying Lana Del Rey (ft. Mike Dimas) 07-01-2015 (114.6 MB)

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47 - Marrying Lana Del Rey (ft. Mike Dimas)

  • 47 - Marrying Lana Del Rey (ft. Mike Dimas)
  • Join Bodie, Rob, and Mike as they bring in the New Year KIS style. After a two-week hiatus, the gang is excited to get back in the podcasting saddle. They talk secret ingredients that make Malort so damn good, they try to understand Tinder, and they start planning Mike’s dream wedding with Lana Del Rey. They learn the proper way to heat a tortilla, what’s so special about yoga, Mike’s punk rock past, and paranormal activity comes up again. Rob and Mike bond over being uncles, Bodie and Mike converse about being high school friends, and KIS attempts a new game. Follow us on Twitter at @sleazypodcast and email us any questions, concerns, New Year’s resolutions, the shameful things you did on NYE, and whether you ate cabbage for good luck or not at We are now available on iTunes, so please rate, review, and subscribe to our show! We appreciate your support. Thanks for listening! And as always, keep it sleazy.


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